Age : 26
Pays : Allemagne
Description :
Je suis plus douée pour écrire que pour dessiner mais j'adore l'esprit des 23HBD =). C'est parti, let's go! La BD de cette année est dédiée à ma petite soeur =). Joyeux anniversaire =).
EmyMelrya 25/03/2018 à 20:38
Translation in English : Cover : Fatal attraction Page 1 : - I'd like to see a sunset one day - Do you want us to go to the simulation room? - No, I mean a real sunset... Just once... From a planet... Seing all the colors of the sky, all the nuances... Not you? Page 2 : -Yes, I'd like to see a different sky...From a planet... Or even from here... See space without the forcefield... - If the Commander would hear you... - Yeah I can totally hear him... "You, insconscious! I told you thousand time that it is dangerous to stay here. The forcefield is the only thing that protect you from the void! A deficience of a couple of secondes... - YOU TWO? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? Page 3 : - I told you thousand time that it is dangerous to stay here. The forcefield is the only thing that protect you from the void! A deficience of a couple of secondes and you'll disappear. Blown! Evaporated! Go back inside and that I don't see you outside of the spaceship ever again. You inconscious teenagers! Page 4 : - I was born... No we were created here. In the laboratories of the spaceship Gaïa. From a complex DNA, highly modified, artificial... Some kind of mutants if you want... Created to make a new planet livable... Bring chemical elements, water, fire, metal, atmosphere, ground, life... on an infertile planet... Page 5 : - At least, if we find one, one day. I could not tell since how long Gaïa is derivating in space. With, within, the last survivors of a dead planet : Earthians. Flame, myself and the others elementaries have always lived here. Among the Earthians. Among other children that never set foot on the ground. Page 6 : - We chose an apparence, a name and a pronon. For some, like Flame, it was an easy choice. She always felt as a woman. A woman. A Flame.* Some others chose more Earthians' name. For others, for me, it was more complicated. I never fit in their main genders. (*in French "Flame" and "Woman" are pronounced really similar) Page 7 : -And one day, it came as an evidence. "They", non binary, agender. They, it sounded like sky*. Like those rainbows** that Flame and I were creating in the Atmosphere room when we were kids. And my name, after Flame chose her, it also came as an evidence, as much for its energy than its imprecision*** Wave... (* In French the gender neutral pronon is usually "Iel" which sounds like "Ciel" = Sky) (** In French Rainbows are litt. Skybows) (*** In French "Vague"= Wave, can also be used as an adjective for something that is not really definied like "Vague" in English) Page 8 : - Wave ? Wave? You are in the satelites tonight ? You know I don't think teh commander is going to be mad at us. As long as we don't show the wrong exemple to the kids... - Alert! Alert ! All the passengers are required to go to the main deck ! Alert ! Page 9 : - Let's go ! Page 10 : - Your attention please ! Your attention ! On behalf of the entire crew, I'd like you to remain calm.Everything is going to be alright.We have, unfortunately, entered in the attraction field of a black hole BUT! Do not panic! Do not... Remain calm please! We are going to accelerate our power to extract us from the attraction field. While waiting, we are going to ask to all the passengers to follow the crew to the evacuation cells, just in case. And in the calm please ! Page 11 : - Flame ? - Lieutenant Shepard ? - We need some help in the Machine Room. All the Fires are required to come. - Let’s go immediatly ! See you later Wavy ! - Wave ? Let’s go with the others in the sas Page 12 : - The door is bloqued ! - Let me come closer. Page 14 : - And the waiting started… We were here, seating on the floor… Without news… Adults… Children… The last survivors of Earth… And us, Elementaries… Like a hope… Only the fires were missing… Page 15 : - Emma, I’m afraid… - Come here… - I’m afraid it would be the end… - Alice, I… - Do not give up on hope yet… Page 17 : - Hope is the most important, the most powerful of all guides… Page 18 : - Your attention please ! Despite all our efforts and loosing unecessary weight, we are still in teh black hole attraction field BUT ! We are going to proceed to the propulsion of the evacuations cells out of the attraction field. Launching in 59 seconds ! Page 19 : - 59 seconds ? But Flame ? And the others Fires ? - We need their energies for the propulsion. And… you know, Fires is such a small place… Wave ! Page 20 : - Flame ! Page 21 : - Wave ! - Just the idea that… I’d never see you again.. I… I… Page 22 : - If you touch me, we are going to disappear… - We are going to disappear anyway… - I… I… Page 23 : - I love you
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